Features of Audible:

  1. Extensive Audiobook Library: Audible boasts an extensive collection of over 400,000 audiobooks, covering a wide range of genres.
  2. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: With Audible, you can enjoy audiobooks at your convenience, whether you’re commuting, before bedtime, or while performing daily tasks.
  3. Ideal for Busy Lifestyles: Suited for individuals with hectic schedules, Audible allows busy professionals to make the most of their time by listening to books on the go.
  4. Diverse Genre Options: Audible offers a diverse selection of genres, including business, self-help, light novels, literature, mystery, and even traditional Japanese entertainment like rakugo.
  5. Language Learning: With a lineup exceeding 400,000 English-language books, Audible is a valuable tool for language learners looking to enhance their language skills through audiobooks.
  6. Efficient Reading: Ideal for those who find traditional reading challenging, Audible enhances reading efficiency by allowing users to absorb information through their ears.
  7. Flexible Book Selection: Users can choose books based on their current mood or preferences, making Audible adaptable to different interests.

In summary, Audible provides a versatile and convenient platform for accessing a vast array of audiobooks, catering to diverse preferences and accommodating busy lifestyles.



Audible’s advantages are as follows:

  1. Extensive Content: Audible offers over 400,000 audiobooks, covering a wide range of genres from business books to novels, self-help, mysteries, and lectures. This caters to individuals with diverse interests and preferences.
  2. Flexible Usage: Audible is accessible on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. This allows users to enjoy audiobooks anytime, anywhere.
  3. Ideal for Busy Individuals: Whether during commutes or while doing household chores, Audible enables users to listen to books, efficiently incorporating valuable information and entertainment into their busy schedules.
  4. Diverse Genres: Audible provides a selection of genres including business books, self-help, novels, mysteries, and lectures. This allows for a wide range of choices based on mood and interest.
  5. Beneficial for Language Learning: With a rich collection of English audiobooks, Audible is valuable for language learners. Listening to native speakers contributes to improving listening skills and pronunciation.
  6. Membership Benefits: Audible offers perks for its members, such as a free audiobook selection each month with the monthly subscription fee, as well as discounted prices for additional audiobook purchases.
  7. Downloadable Content: Audible allows users to download audiobooks for offline listening, ensuring a comfortable experience even in situations where Wi-Fi is not available.

Audible, with these features, has become a convenient and attractive audiobook platform for a diverse range of users.



Audible also has several drawbacks. Here are some common disadvantages:

  1. Monthly Subscription Fee: Audible operates on a monthly membership system, which comes with a certain fee. Some users may find this cost relatively high compared to other free reading platforms.
  2. Lack of Ownership: Audiobooks purchased on Audible differ from traditional books as they are provided in a licensing format rather than granting ownership. Consequently, if you cancel the service, you may lose access to the purchased content.
  3. Regional Restrictions:** Certain audiobooks or benefits may be restricted to specific regions. Due to these regional constraints, the available content may vary depending on the user’s location.
  4. Device Compatibility Limits:** While Audible is available on various devices, some older devices or specific platforms may have limited functionality.
  5. Personal Audio Preferences:** Users may not always find the voice or style of audiobook narrators to their liking. If a suitable narrator isn’t found, listening might become less enjoyable.
  6. Unavailability of Some Books:** Not all books are offered as audiobooks on Audible. Especially with new or popular books, they may not be available on the platform.

These drawbacks can vary based on individual preferences and usage situations.


Try a 30-day free trial  *Cancellation is possible at any time.



Negative reviews of Audible:

  1. High Cost of $7.95: Some users perceive the $7.95 subscription fee as high. People who cannot find the books they want and consider investing in reading or time-saving as futile may view Audible’s $7.95 as expensive.
  2. Limited Lineup: Another criticism is the perceived scarcity of the lineup. Users express dissatisfaction with the relatively limited selection of audiobooks available.
  3. Easy to Forget Cancellation (Incurs Charges if Forgotten): Some users report difficulties in remembering to cancel their Audible subscriptions. Forgetting to cancel can lead to charges, which is a concern for those who wish to avoid additional costs.

These negative points highlight the perspectives of users who find the cost high, the selection limited, and face challenges in managing their subscriptions effectively.



Positive reviews for Audible:

  1. Cost-Effective Self-Investment: People who view Audible as a form of cost-effective self-investment tend to find the $7.95 subscription fee to be “affordable.” Utilizing Audible for personal growth is perceived as a beneficial and economical choice.
  2. Input During Commute: Many users appreciate the ability to input information during their commute, making the most of their travel time. This feature allows for productive use of time while on the move.
  3. Studying While Parenting: The convenience of being able to study while parenting is highlighted as a positive aspect. Audible’s flexibility allows users to engage in learning even while fulfilling parenting responsibilities.

Testimonials: “I consider Audible as a cost-effective investment in self-improvement. The $7.95 subscription fee seems affordable to those who leverage Audible in this way.” “I use Audible every month. It’s great for making the most of commuting time and lunch breaks. Even while doing other tasks, I can understand the content of the book. It’s my main way of utilizing those in-between moments effectively.” “Audible is perfect for various situations like commuting, washing dishes, hanging laundry, bedtime routines for kids, or even during walks or runs. It offers a wide range of book genres suitable for skill improvement, leisure, stress relief, and storytelling for children.”



People for whom Audible is recommended​​

  • Those who want to enhance their skills and advance in their careers.
  • Busy business professionals who struggle to find time for reading.
  • University students questioning their current path and seeking personal development.
  • Individuals looking to make the most of their spare moments.
  • Housewives in need of personal time.
  • Exhausted mothers dealing with the challenges of parenting.

If any of these apply to you, trying Audible is worth considering.



People for whom Audible is not recommended

  • Individuals who dislike books.
  • Those with no interest in success in their professional life.
  • People who have resistance to audio content.
  • Those who absolutely need to write notes in their books.
  • Individuals not seeking personal happiness in their private lives.

Even if Audible isn’t a good fit, if you cancel during the free trial period, you won’t incur any charges – not even $1. Trying it out first is worth it.


Try a 30-day free trial  *Cancellation is possible at any time.

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