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Product Description

VUBOJO refrigerator linersVUBOJO refrigerator liners

VUBOJO water-proof fridge liner is the must have helpers for your home kitchen to keep clean and furniture protective.

The benefits of using refrigerator matsThe benefits of using refrigerator mats

Refrigerator shelf liners that make food last,protect refrigerator shelves and drawers from scratches.

refrigerator matsrefrigerator mats

Multifunctional fridge linerMultifunctional fridge liner

VUBOJO premium refrigerator liners give you peace of mind anywhere, believe us, they are what you want!

Clean refrigeratorClean refrigerator

Before using the fridge mats

It’s hard enough to keep a fridge organized, let alone clean. Spills, leaks and stains can be unavoidable. When those happen, cleaning becomes a huge chore often requiring shelves to be taken apart for a good scrub down. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that. Which means the spills marinate on the shelves and become impossible to get off.

Easy to cleanEasy to clean

Prevent the most common problem

Our fridge liners are designed to catch accidental spills or leakages in your fridge, preventing gunk and mess building up.Simply remove the fridge liner and give it a wipe insteading of waiting until you clean out your whole fridge.

Upgrade:Before using the refrigerator mat, just stick the nano transparent glue on the smooth side, so that the mat can be firmly fixed on the refrigerator shelf and will not move, which perfectly solves the common use problems of buyers.
Features:Easily cut to size using scissors,The smooth side down can grip the shelf for easy disassembly and cleaning, and the convex pattern side up can be non-slip and non-stick food.
Multi-purpose:Can work as fridge shelf liners, drawer liners and cabinet drawer liners. Our fridge liner is a must have refrigerator accessories for any RV, home or kitchen. Simply cut to size using scissors to fit the liner mats anywhere in your house, as needed.
Non-toxic & Durable:The VUBOJO fridge liners are made from high-quality Ethylene-Vinyl acetate. It is a high-quality food-grade polymer with rubber-like softness. Its non-toxic quality makes it safe when it comes into direct contact with your food.Long lifespan and Reusable.

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