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Product Description

HIPPUS-Free projection,Android TV 11.0 Smart Projector


Freestyle Projector with Android TV 11.0

Android TV 11.0

No need to connect any devices, smartly integrated Android TV system, you can access online streaming services and run apps flawlessly, enjoy endless fun with services such as Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube.

Thoughtful design

Mini Portable Projector-Cylindrical pen barrel style, light and small design, easy to store and easy to carryHome & Outdoor Projector-The built-in stand can be rotated and adjusted 180 degrees to easily adapt to various projection environments.

Powerful core functionality

Dual-band WiFi-Supports 2.4G&5G WiFi connection, wireless projection of imagesBluetooth 5.2-Supports connecting to various Bluetooth devices to transmit sound, immersiveImage correction-Supports automatic vertical image correction, manual electronic four-point keystone correctionScreen zoom-Supports 100%-50% adjustment of the screenSupports Android and Apple phones using USB cable for data transmission

Unique design and powerful core functions bring you a different visual experience.

projector 4kprojector 4k

Uniform projection brightness and color display

Core parameters

Native:1280×720 ——720P(HD)Max:4KBrightness:9000 LMColor uniformity:85%

Picture experience

Due to size limitations, the projector’s image quality is native 720P, supports up to 4K images.9000LM brightness – the picture display in a dim environment is better than that in a bright environment, and the picture display in a close-range projection is better than that in a long-distance projection.Best viewing experience – In a darker environment, the 6.5-foot projection distance can display an 80-inch projection screen

Powerful picture quality, multiple picture corrections, adaptability to different projection environments, bringing a good viewing experience.

movie projectormovie projector

Freestyle Projector with Auto Vertical Keystone

Screen correction function

The screen is adjusted according to the projection angle and can be rotated up to 180°.Automatically follow the projection angle to vertically correct the picture.Support manual electronic four-point keystone correction.Supports screen scaling 100%-50% (without moving the projector)

Updated market research, designed according to people in different living environments, with unique rotating shape and automatic screen adjustment, making it easier to use.

projector with wifi and bluetoothprojector with wifi and bluetooth

Wireless connection & Wired connection

2.4G/5G WiFi Projector

The projector supports a 2.4G/5G WIFI connection for wireless projection. With simple operations, the projector and mobile phone can be connected to the same WiFi environment to project and enjoy a big-screen experience easily.

Connect the projector to your home network.Select “Screen Mirroring” in the signal source to enter the “iOS Screen Mirroring” interface or the “Android Screen Mirroring” interface.Connect your iOS/Android device to the same Wi-Fi router.Select the projector from the search results.

Broad compatibility-USB interface, HDMI interface for wired transmission

The projector supports connecting mobile devices through the USB port to directly project the screen (Android/Apple devices)The projector can be connected to laptops, TV sticks, game consoles and other devices through the HDMI port for screen projection.

Wired transmission is more stable than wireless transmission, and wireless transmission is more concise. You can choose your favorite projection method according to your different needs.

bluetooth projectorbluetooth projector

Bluetooth Projector-Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2- Immersive experience!

HIPPUS Bluetooth projector is equipped with advanced Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which can seamlessly connect with Bluetooth speakers, earphones, and other devices within 5 meters.With the Bluetooth function, you can easily pair the projector with other Bluetooth devices without worrying about cumbersome wired connections. This makes home entertainment more convenient and allows you to enjoy a high-quality audio experience at all times.Support connecting Bluetooth speakers to amplify the sound, and support connecting Bluetooth headsets for immersive viewing.Notes

1. Before connecting the projector, please make sure the Bluetooth audio is not connected to other devices. Because Bluetooth audio generally only connects to one device at a time.

2. The Bluetooth function of the projector only supports audio transmission with audio equipment and does not support video synchronization with smartphones or computers.

mini projectormini projector

Easily cast anytime, anywhere!

At Home – Home Projector (Movie Watching/Sports)Outdoor Use – Outdoor Projector (Party/Camping)Hobby Use – Art Projector (hand painting/sewing)

Different projection angles adapt to different projection environment needs, are easy to carry, turn on projection anytime and anywhere, and enjoy the fun of big screen life

outdoor projectoroutdoor projector

outdoor projector

Outdoor entertainment is essential, including friend gatherings, family viewing, and outdoor camping…NOTE: Due to copyright protection, paid video distribution services such as Netflix, Primevideo, and Hulu cannot project directly from your smartphone. Try connecting the PC/TV Box/Fire Stick with an HDMI cable.

If you have any questions, Projector product page → Click the seller “Gulebe” → Click “Question” to chat.

【9000Lux&Supports 4K】The projector supports up to 4k resolution, high-definition picture quality, and 9000lux brightness, creating an audio-visual feast for you.
【180° Rotating Projection&Automatic Correction】The projector is designed to rotate (180°), supports multi-angle projection images, 3s automatic image correction, is free from bracket installation, and is suitable for a variety of room environments.
【5G WIFI Bluetooth Projector】Committed to wireless portability, the projector supports 5GWiFi & 2.4GWIFI screen projection, and Bluetooth pairing with various speakers to create a theater-level audio-visual feast.
【USB phone projection】The considerate USB interface design supports connecting Android and Apple mobile phone mirroring, and you can mirror the screen of your mobile phone anytime, anywhere without WiFi.

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