Price: $9.99
(as of Nov 06,2023 02:46:40 UTC – Details)

JellyPics are squish n’ shape drawing pads filled with transparent gel and colored beads to sculpt, mold and design over any picture you want! JellyPics contain little, soft spheres that you can push around the background picture with your fingers, or you can use your stylus. Each JellyPics comes with an emoji backer card to decorate with custom hair styles. You can customize your design by swapping out the removeable backer card so you can design your beads over emojis, landscapes, or even selfie photos!
NO-MESS & NON-TOXIC: The squishy nature of DoodleJamz creates an amazing sensory touch experience, similar to finger-painting but without the mess! All DoodleJamz are 100% non-toxic and sealed securely inside the frame.
FIDGET SQUISH ART: Now you can fidget and create art at the same time! DoodleJamz have the squishy, tactile feel of fidget toys but also allows kids to express their creativity. Perfect for kids into ASMR!
THE PERFECT TRAVEL TOY: DoodleJamz are easy to doodle on, reset and repeat, so they’re perfect hours of play on long car or plane rides! The thin design makes them portable enough to fit in any seat pocket or backpack. They’re also vacuum-sealed so creations stay in place!
SWAP BACKGROUNDS: Each DoodleJamz comes with a 2-sided backer card that can be flipped or swapped with other backer cards to create new color-blend combinations. Swap out the backgrounds with other backer cards, or print out images at home to doodle on!

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