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link cable vr quest 2link cable vr quest 2

Miaeueu link cable connected your Oculus Quest 1/2 to a gaming PC, so you can play some big games on a PC when your headset have not enough storage or play Steam VR games using the Quest 2 headset, like Half-Life Alyx and Assetto Corsa Competizione.

VR link cableVR link cable

link cable for pclink cable for pc

How to Connect the Oculus Quest 1/2 to the PC Via Link Cable?

1. Please make sure that you use a PC with Windows 10 and with an Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater and at least 8GB of RAM. (Most Nvidia GPUs from the 970-series and higher are compatible, as are AMD 400-series and higher GPUS)

2. Go to, download the Oculus PC app, and make sure that the software version is up to date and your Quest is running the latest operating system.

3. Plug your USB cable head into a compatible PC port, then plug the USB-C end into the Quest 2’s charging port.

4. You should see a pop-up to access to data. Select “Deny”. (Selecting “Allow” will cause the cable to disconnect)

5. You’ll then see an option to Enable Link. Select “Enable”.







90° Angled Design

Perfectly match the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets, which does not stick out and provides you a comfortable grip.

20FT Extra-Long VR Cable

20FT link cable to meet all your need for Oculus quest. 20ft longer size, you can play any game in a wider area, less limit and more fun.

Super High Picture Quality

Ultra HD image quality transmission is more delicate, no delay and no flicker. While stably transmitting data and providing a smooth game experience, it also supports 3A charging speed to extend the game time.



USB3.0 connection

USB3.0 connection



High-Quality Link Cable

This Link cable is sturdy with 20000+ bendlifespan. Premium connector resists heat and corrosion, Kevlar nylon outer braid link cable makes the cable durable.

High Throughput

Virtual reality link cable for Quest or Quest 2 and gaming PC/Steam VR, transfer data to and from all your USB-C devices at speeds of up to 5 Gbps.

What You Can Get

– 1 Delicate package

– 1 Pack 20FT (6m) cable

– 1 Fixed cable tie

– 24 Months Service


What can I do when my link cable is connected unsuccessfully?

1. Check if the graphics card meets the Fatorm Link requirements.

2. Turn off Air Link.

3. Make sure the cable plugged into an available USB 3.0 ports and connected directly to your computer without extra adapters.

4. Update the Oculus software to the latest version.

5. Try restarting the computer.


1. Please make sure the GPU of your PC is supported before you purchase!

2. Before use, be sure to fix the VR cable to the Quest or Quest 2 with the cable tie.

3. We recommend that charge Oculus Quest 2 fully before gaming.

4. Usually, the link cable can charge the Quest while playing, but the charging capability and overall speed will depend on the quality of your motherboard and your pc power supply.

[High Speed Data Transfer] – The USB 3.2 Gen 1 A to C link cable supports 5 Gbps data transfer, which means users won’t struggle with any lag when playing tethered VR titles, bringing you a more smooth gaming experience. Also, it supports 5V charging, letting the headset be charged while playing.
[Upgrade 20ft Length] – This 20ft link cable for quest 2 is long enough to allow you to move freely and reach across an entire play space, making it convenient to play room-scale games without worrying about pulling on the cable. Less limit and more fun.
[Durable Material] – The Miaeueu link cable for oculus made of aluminum alloy and nylon braided which gives it good flexibility, resistance to stretching, and abrasion, lighter than your typical cable, and avoid kinks from forming along the cable.
[90 Degree Right Angle Port Design] – The Type-C port is high-quality injection molded ports with an L-shape to reduce bending for a longer lifespan and avoid becoming an obstruction. Easy to insert into the VR headset and prevents from disconnecting during movements.
【YOU MUST KNOW】Please use compatible GPU, and update the application on your PC and the Operation System of your Oculus Quest 2 to the latest version. If Link can’t work, please log-out the application of Oculus and re-login or turn off the power of the Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset and reboot.

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