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Rinsfox has been developing gaming finger sleeves for four years. We have been experimenting with various materials, upgrading our techniques and hand sewing skills, just for a better mobile gaming experience.
Currently we are offering Glass-Silver Fibre, Silver Fiber ,Carbon Fibre, Copper Fibre and hand sewn finger sleeves, each with the best craftsmanship available.
Finger sleeves history by Rinsfox Gaming
-2017 Start the first Game Fibre Finger sleeves
-December 2018 to improve the conductive , we start to produce copper fibre finger sleeve
-July 2019 First handmade silver fibre finger cover (it is a new step )
-April 2020 First ultra-thin carbon fibre finger sleeve ( to improve the wear feeling)
-September 2020 First 65% silver fibre finger sleeve (to improve the durable and conductive)
-July 2021 First Glass-Silver Finger sleeve (to improve soft and lightness)

Package includes:
6 x Mobile game controller finger sleeves

【Glass-Silver Fiber PK Carbon Fiber】they are different material. Glass-Silver is more soft and lightness , it is best choice for Intense e-sports game competition. However Carbon is More robust and durable. It is a little cheaper than Glass-Silver , but it is also very breathable,soft and good conductivity.It is good to buy for daily use .
【New Anti-shedding design, enjoy full game】 we added 30 turns of silver fiber to the closure of the finger cover to spread the pressure to more areas, and the whole finger is more evenly stressed. You can play a whole game well without having to adjust the finger cover. Meanwhile, the waist closure can be adjusted to fit your size by gently pulling. This can extend the life of the finger cover can also improve the comfort of the finger cover.
【Suit for people whose finger range is from 2.16 inch to 3.3 inch】 We collected a large amount of volunteers’ data, adopted a wrap-around weaving method, and then customized the version suitable for most people. The new finger sleeves maintains the pressure on the finger at 2-3 Newtons, which is close but not tight to the skin.
【65% high silver fiber content, no broken touch】 In the traditional market, some ordinary finger covers with silver fiber content is only about 15%. Theoretically, the new finger cover with 65% silver fiber content is three times more sensitive than ordinary textile finger covers. During the test, we clicked the screen 5000 times continuously without any failure.

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