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MOMOFLY has been developing gaming finger sleeves for four years. We have been experimenting with various materials, upgrading our techniques and hand sewing skills, just for a better mobile gaming experience.

Currently we are offering silver fibre, carbon fibre, copper fibre and hand sewn finger sleeves, each with the best craftsmanship available.

The development history of MOMOFLY

-September 2017 First Silver Fibre Finger sleeves

-December 2018 First copper fibre finger sleeve

-July 2019 First handmade silver fibre finger cover

-September 2020 First ultra-thin carbon fibre finger sleeve

-October 2020 First 50% silver fibre finger sleeve

-August 2021 First 60% silver content waistband finger sleeve

-October 2021 First handmade 100% silver fibre fabric finger sleeve

-October 2021 First Glass-Silver Finger sleeve

-March 2023 The first 100% silver fiber textile finger cots on the market


cooler for phone,ipad,surface

【Little pressure felt and only faint marks left on fingers after an hour of gaming】Traditional finger sleeves are fixed with a single elastic band at the bottom, concentrating pressure in one circular area, resulting in discomfort and obvious imprints on fingers after prolonged use. This finger cot replaces the fixed elastic band with flexible carbon fiber, combined with the good elasticity of silver fiber, evenly distributing pressure across the entire finger, greatly enhancing comfort.
【Designed for gamers on large screens with multi-finger input】 Compared to phones,the screens of large-screen devices are more susceptible to static electricity, which can cause screen malfunction. Additionally, inadequate finger pressure during multi-finger operations can also result in mistakes.It can fit various fingers perfectly and with its highly sensitivity, it elevates the gaming experience of multi-finger operations on large-screen devices to the next level.
【One size fits five fingers】 The carbon fiber and silver fiber threads of MOMOFLY Silver Bullet Ⅰ have good elasticity and elastic memory, and they will not easily become loose or deformed. Additionally,The length of the finger cot has been increased by 0.4-0.8 inches(1-2cm), allowing for a better fit on fingers of various sizes.(M Size: Add 0.4 inches in length, L Size: Add 0.8 inches in length. If your palm is larger than average, we recommend you choose size L)
【Attention】 1. The color of the finger cots may vary slightly between silverand yellow, and this is random depending on the batch. 2.Since the conductive fibers are all silver fibers, they will oxidize and turn black faster than ordinary finger cots. 3.The pictures are authentic. You can achieve a similar effect by shining a flashlight on the finger cots.


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