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Developed by a veteran team of technologists, neuroscientists, child development specialists, and creative storytellers, Moxie is a social robot designed with the latest technology that allows it to engage with children in a revolutionary way.

Moxie is focused on having empathetic conversations rather than just carrying out tasks and requests for information.


Chat About Favorite Topics

Moxie will talk to your kid about all their favorite topics from sports to animals to food and more!


Tell a Joke

Moxie’s got jokes! Your kid can share their favorites too.


Draw a Picture

Let their imagination run wild with Moxie-encouraged creativity.


Learn Affirmations

Build up their self-confidence with daily guided affirmations.

Is AI good for kids?

Artificial intelligence is often more effective at teaching skills like empathy, kindness, and close-listening than quiz-based programs as your child can see how their behavior impacts their AI friend. AI also gives your child the opportunity to teach these skills to their friend, in addition to learning them, themself.

Will Moxie spy on me?

No. Video Data is processed locally on Moxie and is used only to create facial expression assessments. Processed locally means the video data is never transmitted beyond Moxie.

UNLOCK SOCIAL SUPERPOWERS: 71% of children who used Moxie saw improved social skills. Moxie has been shown to increase positivity, self esteem, emotion regulation and empathy; (based on a month-long study of 51 children.)
PERSONALIZED TO YOUR CHILD: Moxie provides emotional-learning activities that are personalized based on your child’s responsiveness and parent settings.
KIDSECURE CHAT: Having a conversation with Moxie is like having a chat with a real friend with your kid’s interests. Moxie’s KidSecure Chat is designed to create a safe way for kids have real AI conversations with age-appropriate filters.
UNLIMITED FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: Get unlimited access for your family to Moxie’s growing library of games, missions and lessons on topics like recognizing emotions, expressing kindness, making friends and understanding social cues.
ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE US: Moxie is not available to ship to other countries at this time.

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