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Our company was founded in 2008 and we are a company specializing in controling mosquitos.

Over the years, we have been constantly improving our products.

We have a wide range of mosquito control products to choose from and there is always one for you.


【Two-Tube Two-Color】The New Fi bug zapper is two-tube two-color lighting model.It is more extensive and practical than ordinary bug zapper.The white tube emit blue-violet light which can effectively attract all kinds of mosquitoes. The ultraviolet light emitted by the black tube is effective in attracting flies, moths and other insects.(For replacement bulb, search asin:B0BX6MYKJS)
【Effective Physical Mosquito Killer】The two-color light can attracts most flying insects: mosquito, Aedes, gnats, midges, flies, horse flies, fruit flies, house flies, moths, wasps, etc.The voltage of the electrical grid is up to 4200v. Once the insects fly in, this bug zapper will physically killing them in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.
【 EPA Registered】The mosquito zapper is EPA registered, safe for your family and pet. So you don’t have to put up with the smell of spray, mosquitoes and attractants The plastic housing prevents your family and pets from touching high-voltage grids.
【Convenient Design】Just place the mosquito zapper on a flat surface or hang it on the tree or the porch of the house with a convenient ring, then plug-in the device directly into a outlet, it will immediately work for you.The trap has a mosquito tray and brush on the bottom to brush off any insect debris on the grid for easy cleaning.
【Wider defense】Wider defense range Up to 2100 sq ft and can be used at home, patio, lawn, garden, or even while camping.Please use this product at night and in darker environments.

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