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Kitchen soap dispenser with sponge holderKitchen soap dispenser with sponge holder

2 In 1 Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder


With great food comes a great deal of plates, pots, and pans that you need to clean. In the end, we make a mess in the sink bigger than the one we’ve made while cooking. Water and soap end up anywhere and everywhere as if doing the dishes isn’t enough of an inconvenience. Fortunately for you, washing dishes doesn’t have to be this sopping mess every time. A little bit of help goes a long way, especially when that help comes from our nifty product.

The 2-in-1 Kitchen Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder from OMAIA makes washing dishes a tidier, easier experience!

Soap dispenser with sponge holderSoap dispenser with sponge holder


No more fumbling for the sponge and the dish soap when you have our product in your sink area. This kitchen accessory stores both of these items in a single, easy-to-access spot.

Come wash-up time, simply hold the sponge and press it down to get some dishwashing liquid on it. The soap pump will handle the rest, and you can even do this with one hand. Doing the dishes has never been easier!

dispensador de jabon liquido para cocinadispensador de jabon liquido para cocina


With our soap dispenser sponges holder, you’ll use only the amount of dishsoap you need – no more, no less. The pump is calibrated to provide a consistent quantity of liquid. Press it once and you’ll have enough to continue the wash-up.

In turn, the mechanism of this soap pump and sponge caddy reduces your consumption of dishwashing liquid and lessens wastage. It’s good for the environment and your wallet!

soap dispenser for kitchen sinksoap dispenser for kitchen sink

Two Ways to add Liquid Dish Soap

liquid soap dispenser

liquid soap dispenser

soap dispenser for kitchen sink

soap dispenser for kitchen sink

kitchen soap dispenser with sponge holder

kitchen soap dispenser with sponge holder


It’s remarkable how easier you can do the dishes with this product. Press down, wring your sponge, scrub the dishes, and repeat.

Cleaning the soap dispensing sponge holder itself is just as uncomplicated. Remove the top layer and you can drain the drip tray right away. You can also disassemble the product so that you can wash all three of its layers and the pump in an instant.


Get your money’s worth with our soap dispenserS sponge caddy! Its material is durable AB plastic and polycarbonate so you know that it will definitely last. It won’t rust or corrode, and even the pump will remain reliable for a long time.

Our kitchen product is also safe to use. It is made from food-grade material after all, meaning it has no harmful substances or chemicals like BPAs.


The soap dispenser at the bottom layer can hold about 370 ml or 10.5 fl oz of your preferred dish soap. With this capacity, you’d seldom need to refill the product.

And when that time does come, it’s so simple to do! Just remove the sponge caddy on top and unscrew the pump in the middle to pour in your soap. The pump doubles as a cap that prevents the drip tray’s water from mixing with your cleaning liquid.

Plastic and Silicone Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic

Large Dish Soap Capacity – Our soap sponge dispenser holds up to 10.5 fl oz of your dish soap of choice. Refilling it is easy and you won’t have to do it often due to its large capacity.
Leak-Free Design – The compact design of our dish soap dispenser with sponge holder ensures there are no leaks, spills, or trails. Removing the top layer lets you remove excess water easily.
Safe & Economical – Our dual-use sponge holder soap dispenser delivers a fixed amount of soap per pump, minimizing wastage. The product contains no BPAs or any other harmful chemicals.
Satisfaction Guaranteed – We take pride in providing quality kitchen equipment to our customers. Let us know if you have any issues with our sponge soap dispenser and we’ll make it right.

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